Breaking News: U.S. Withdraws From NATO

WASHINGTON — Recent tensions between POTUS and NATO leaders has led to a proposal of withdrawal by American president Trump. Trump, threatening to drop out due to the most NATO members not spending the agreed 2% GDP on defense, has faced opposition from across the Atlantic. Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, issued a statement condemning Trump’s proposal to withdraw:

This will result in a less secure, and less safe Europe. It is unacceptable for America to actually make us pay for our own defense. Who do you think we are? I call for President Trump to reconsider this proposal, as Europeans simply cannot afford a military. Without America, Europe is a goner. Please, President Trump, reconsider this.

Putin has expressed serious interest in American politics for the past few months, and, in an email sent to Trump, claimed that the two administrations would unite under a “golden shower” of success.