In-Depth: The Real Reason The Nazis Lost World War II

There are many theories surrounding the military defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II. One of the most popular suggests that Adolf Hitler, the supreme Chancellor of Germany, overcommitted on his offensive in Russia. Another suggests that the West outsmarted the Axis in its invasion of Normandy. However, in-depth research suggests that the Nazis’ military failures came not from outside, but from within. And it all started in 1920, when the German National Socialist Workers’ Party adopted the Swastika as its symbol.

If you look closely, you can see that the Swastika is composed of four Ls combined together.

The Swastika, originating in Asia, has taken on many different meanings for many different cultures. However, upon further study of the symbol, the Swastika is indeed composed of four L symbols. Which means that in the course of World War II, the Axis Powers took four Ls. Two for the two nukes dropped on Japan. Another for Germany. And the final for Italy. How can the Nazis win a war if they take an L? Isn’t an L the opposite of the W? If you really think about it, the true reason the Nazis lost is because they took four Ls.

“The L is the universal machination of failure.”

Dick Overy, British historian and editor of The Complete History of the World said on the matter that “The L is the universal machination of failure. If you wanted to succeed in war, you would only seek out the W. We’ve seen it throughout history. George W. Bush won the Iraq war because he already had the W before began. Fortunately for the rest of the world, the Nazis gave themselves four Ls.”


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