Diversity Win! This Man Puts White And Colored Clothing Together In Laundry

If you love hearing heartwarming stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things for society, wait until you hear about this guy.

Meet Jared Barkley, a financial planner from Tucson, Arizona. He may not seem like the most likely hero for diversity in America, but Thursday afternoon, he made a step for inclusivity in a huge way: While doing laundry, Jared mixed the colored and white clothing together as one load.

Wow. This display of love and inclusivity is simply amazing!

“Society has never been accepting of integration between white and colored clothing,” said Jared “but I have realized that when clothes of multiple colors come together as one load of laundry, everything becomes more beautiful.” Inspiring!


But the initial integration of different colored clothing wasn’t even the best thing that happened. Once the laundry was done, all of the colors in the load of laundry mixed together! Incredible!

This is exactly the type of everyday action that we all could be partaking in to further the cause for inclusivity. Thank you so much, Jared.